Joakim Sjöåker

I often forget to take a camera with me when I go out even though I have been taking pictures with some diligence for several years now.

I discovered photography in 2007 after having been involved with music for many years. "Discovered" is not really the right word, however -- "understood" is closer to the truth. My father tried to get me interested in photography when I was just a teenager, but I never succeeded in seeing the connection between what I did and the result (or lack thereof).My wife, Sandra, finally succeeded in getting me to regard the camera as a creative tool and understand that photography is something enjoyable and stimulating. Our children now have to show great patience when I'm trying to realize my ideas about images.

The feeling an image conveys is more important for me than how it was made, and I combine analog and digital depending on the result desired and the mood. I readily experiment with new techniques and explore new subjects, but landscapes are the recurrent motif in my work.

I listen to music and drink tea when I develop and edit my pictures, but I never do that when I take photographs. I don't know why that's the case.

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